Artist Statement

Pieces now focus on explorations of vessel form, sometimes functional, sometimes not. Clay most often used is mid-range white stoneware, although heavily grogged red body also used. For additional texture in either clay body, I add homemade grog, sand, perlite, rice, etc. to clay. I coil build, using paddles, scrapers and other tools to alter form and surface at all stages of work, including bone dry. Work is fired in a gas kiln with light reduction to cone 5-6. I make the majority of my glazes, although do rely on a couple of commercial glazes for standard white and cream colored liner glazes. Have been exploring layers of slip/glaze, translucency and opacity of surface.

Evidence of process is very significant. The marks of construction are accentuated, rather than hidden. These can be finger marks from coiling and pinching, throwing lines, or broken edges of slabs. Visible signs of the passage of time on objects in nature are important to me, including the peeling back of layers, erosion and changes in structure. Textures and patterns created by water and wind are intriguing.